Welcome to GoatBots

GoatBots is a Magic the Gathering Online bot chain which has been developed by a group of Magic the Gathering fans. GoatBots focuses on reliability and transparency:
  • We buy tickets for $0.95 or €0.85 each if you have 1000+ for sale
  • We only advertise with cards we have in stock
  • The advertised prices are always up to date
  • Prices are transparent and can always be checked at our price list
  • Your stored credits are saved for an unlimited time
  • Stored credits are shared among all GoatBots
  • You can check your credits and past trades at the trade history
  • We welcome speculators, cherry pickers and redeemers
  • We supply full redeemable sets on demand
If you have suggestions or experience a problem, please contact us and we will get back to you within a couple of hours. Any comments or suggestions are also appreciated.
How many times have you traded with a bot only to find out that the advertised card was not in stock, or the advertised price was not correct? GoatBots changes this by only advertising with items that are in stock, always with the current price. While several bots increase their prices for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th card, GoatBots uses the same price for an entire playset. Simple, fast and transparent, so you can focus on playing Magic.