3 Dollar Highlander

3 Dollar Highlander (3DH) is a budget friendly version of Commander, where every deck should cost no more than 3 tickets. Prices are locked in at the start of the season and rotate approximately 2 weeks after a new standard set is released. Legality is based on GoatBots prices.

For more information about the format and to find fellow players:

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful (PD) is a budget format where any card worth 0.02 tickets or less is legal. Prices are locked in a week after a new standard set is released. GoatBots prices are not used to determine legality, otherwise too many cards would be legal!

To find fellow players, create a Freeform game in Magic Online (Constructed » Specialty » Freeform Tournament Practice) with 'Penny Dreadful' or 'PD' in the description. For more information about this format, meta decks and tournament details: