Full Redeemable Sets

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If you want to sell a sealed set, you'll have to open it and then you can sell the singles.
We do not sell sets for cash to individuals, although you can buy them from our bots using event tickets.
If you own a business and are interested in buying sets for the USD prices, please contact us.
We currently value event tickets at $0.82 each for building full sets.
  USD Tickets Stock
KHM Redeemable Set
GsFullSets (7x), GsFullSets2 (7x)
ZNR Redeemable Set
GsFullSets (2x), GsFullSets2 (2x)
Foil KHM Redeemable Set
GsFullSets (1x)
Foil ZNR Redeemable Set

Buying Sets at GoatBots

We've seen people pick cards one by one at GoatBotsFullSets. To make your job a bit easier and less time consuming, we will give you a short explanation on how to pick up an entire set at once. This consists of four simple steps, taking full advantage of the filter function in MTGO.

1. Select List View:

This step is important: if you don't select List View you will end up picking multiple copies of every card.

2. Filter by set, for example KTK:


3. Select whether you want to see foils or non-foils:

Note that 'Show Versions Separately' should be checked to show all basic lands.

4. Click on a card in the list, press CTRL+A to select all, and drag the cards to the trade:

Now you can submit the trade. Note that you can use the 'store' command to store tickets.
This is useful if you are buying foil sets that exceed the maximum trade amount of 400 tickets.