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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsAug 16

Your Collection Tracker will now update accordingly after each trade with our bots. This is useful for constructed players who mainly use our bots. After playing drafts, opening treasure chests or trading with other bots, we still recommend to reupload your collection.

About 1 day ago
@GoatBotsJul 26

It is now possible to hide foils in our collection swapper. Many players have suggested this feature because they don't want to play with foils in their decks. Thanks for the suggestion and enjoy!

About 3 weeks ago
@GoatBotsJun 30

Double Masters 2022 value is too low to justify the expensive events. Boosters are valued at 7 tickets whereas card EV is less than 2 tickets. Limited preliminary entry increased by 15 tickets. Events should be priced like a Standard set instead where boosters are valued at 3.33.

About 1 month ago
@GoatBotsJun 15

The drop rate for the new Baldur's Gate cards is too low: 8k treasure chests must be opened to get a playset of commons. A higher drop rate is required for Pauper playables. Due to the low drop rate, prices are inflated and chest value is inflated as well (currently >2.60).

About 2 months ago