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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsApr 28

We're now buying the Streets of New Capenna cards: [link]. Check out the new promos: [link]. Treasure chest value has increased slightly to 2.46: [link].

About 3 weeks ago
@GoatBotsMar 16

A player just told us that they were able to redeem a foil Kamigawa set without the unavailable common lifegain lands. Therefore foil sets can now be built for a reasonable price. We've used our inventory to build some foil sets which are now available. [link]

About 2 months ago
@GoatBotsMar 04

Good news! Treasure chest value is over 2.50 again due to the increased drop rate of blastoise. Hopefully its availability will be acceptable in a few weeks. [link] [link]

About 2 months ago
@GoatBotsFeb 17

There is a problem with Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty booster collation: the foil common lifegain lands don't exist. Therefore it's impossible to build foil redemption sets. A foil full set opened from a treasure chest (or won in an event) does contain these lands though. @MagicOnline

About 3 months ago