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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsNov 15

The Brothers' War events will begin soon and treasure chest contents will be updated. Our website already shows the new treasure chest contents, expected value will be boosted to 2.78.

About 2 weeks ago
@GoatBotsOct 11

Redemption fees have suddenly been increased by $20 (US) and $45 (international) per set. 1000+ DMU sets have already been built in the past month, expecting the old $25 redemption fee. Therefore we would like to ask @MagicOnline to consider using the old redemption fees for DMU.

About 1 month ago
@GoatBotsSep 30

Our treasure chest page now shows all newly added cards on Magic Online. We've also processed this weeks treasure chest update. [link]

About 2 months ago
@GoatBotsSep 01

Dominaria United is live on our website! Treasure chest value is boosted to a whopping 2.93! Events will go live in about 2 hours. New Baldur's Gate, Dominaria Commander (decks) and Promos have been added as well. Event calculator is also updated. [link]

About 3 months ago