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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsDec 23

Innistrad: Crimson Vow redemption requests are now available again in the Magic Online store.

About 4 weeks ago
@GoatBotsDec 21

We are selling tickets for $0.87 and credits for $0.82 at the moment. Payments are often processed within 10 minutes due to a recent improvement by our payment processor Wise. [link]

About 1 month ago
@GoatBotsNov 13

Happen to have a Foil Ebondeath, Dracolich? We currently offer 50 tickets for it to complete our Foil AFR redemption set. [link]

About 2 months ago
@GoatBotsNov 11

Innistrad: Crimson Vow events are live on Magic Online! Check our prices here: [link]. Treasure Chest EV has increased to 2.41. Check the promos here: [link]. Check the stained-glass Planeswalkers here: [link].

About 2 months ago