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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsJul 29

We are now buying the new Commander cards that are available in Treasure Chests, see https://t.co/LkmB7fSreY and https://t.co/fyc8DjAANi. Treasure Chest EV has increased slightly from 3.39 to 3.40.

About 4 days ago
@GoatBotsJul 17

Just found out that since the last treasure chest update, they can contain non-redeemable cards like Aggressive Mammoth in the Modern R/M slot. EV has slightly increased by +0.02. https://t.co/iaX43QE5ET

About 2 weeks ago
@GoatBotsJul 08

AFR events are live on Magic Online! Check our prices here: https://t.co/dS0zfeFHXK. Treasure chest EV has barely changed. Check the new Promos here: https://t.co/lHtKSnnhAI

About 3 weeks ago
@GoatBotsJun 10

We've updated our treasure chest calculation using the new curated card list and put Modern Horizons 2 in the Modern slot. The current expected value is 2.47 (+0.25). This is lower than anticipated because prices for older cards have dropped due to MH2. https://t.co/WbBQvDfzYs

About 1 month ago