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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsFeb 02

We've just added Phyrexia: All Will Be One to our website. It took a lot of effort to understand all the different card versions. To make it easier to navigate we've added an explanation at the top of the page: [link]. All versions don't even fit in a tweet:

About 1 day ago
@GoatBotsJan 27

Dominaria Remastered is live on our website! We've updated our treasure chest calculation, EV has increased by +0.08. Player Reward Packs now contain 2 Retro or Borderless (un)commons from Dominaria Remastered, check the EV and available cards here: [link].

About 1 week ago
@GoatBotsJan 25

Dominaria Remastered will be the first Masters set on Magic Online that will be priced like a Standard set. Great change by @MagicOnline. Events start after the downtime on Thursday. It will be available for less than 2 weeks, until the Phyrexia release. [link]

About 1 week ago
@GoatBotsDec 14

Treasure chest value will be boosted to 2.71 after todays downtime: [link]. The following notable cards have been added: Sheoldred (70 tickets), Orvar (40 tickets), Jeska's Will (40 tickets), Flusterstorm (30 tickets) and Archon of Cruelty (20 tickets).

About 1 month ago