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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsSep 05

Wilds of Eldraine is live on Magic Online. We've updated our treasure chest calculation, expected value has been boosted to over 2.50. [link]

About 2 weeks ago
@GoatBotsAug 04

Commander Masters is live on our website: [link]. Multiplayer draft has good EV (+2.25) so make sure to give it a try this weekend! Treasure chest value increased to 2.42 and seems to be rising more. We will add the new decks/bundles to our web

About 1 month ago
@GoatBotsJul 13

We have taken our free bots offline. Sad but true: certain people were using 100+ accounts to raid them daily, leaving only scraps for new players. Sorry to everyone that used to look forward to some free cards every day, we recommend using our bulk bots instead.

About 2 months ago
@GoatBotsJul 07

Our bots have been using the new two-factor authentication and it's working great. Keep your collection safe and enable 2FA in Account Settings if you haven't done so already! Thanks to Daybreak Games @MagicOnline for listening to the community and implementing this.

About 2 months ago