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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsNov 28

Concerned about the huge influx of treasure chests lately. 35 of these events in 24 hours, assuming only half fire, yield over 2k treasure chests daily. That's way more than the market can handle, causing a prolonged suppressed treasure chest price, even with good expected value.

About 3 days ago
@GoatBotsNov 14

Lost Caverns of Ixalan is live on Magic Online! Check the prices on our website: [link]. Treasure chest expected value is above 2.80 at the moment, so if you need play points, now is a great time to open them! [link]

About 2 weeks ago
@GoatBotsNov 09

We are now buying the Scroll frame cards from Lord of the Rings Special Edition: [link]. The draft league has also been added to our event calculator: [link].

About 3 weeks ago
@GoatBotsOct 04

Treasure chests have been updated and the expected value is currently 2.69 tickets. If you need play points, now is a good time to open them. [link]

About 1 month ago