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Trading Post by Adam Paquette
@GoatBotsFeb 12

What a disaster! MKM sets temporarily tanked to 30 tickets, we're now trying to stabilize our MKM prices again.

About 2 weeks ago
@GoatBotsFeb 02

After searching for hours, finally found out why some cards have a second "unannounced" version. The color of an object is changed on the art of these cards. There are 10 of these cards in total. Puzzling. On Magic Online their collector numbers thankfully have prefixes a and b.

About 4 weeks ago
@GoatBotsJan 17

We are now buying Ravnica Remastered cards: [link] We've also updated our Treasure Chest calculation: [link]

About 1 month ago
@GoatBotsNov 28

Concerned about the huge influx of treasure chests lately. 35 of these events in 24 hours, assuming only half fire, yield over 2k treasure chests daily. That's way more than the market can handle, causing a prolonged suppressed treasure chest price, even with good expected value.

About 3 months ago