About Us

Back in 2011, when we started playing Magic Online, card prices were not transparent at all. Bots did not openly publish their prices, and even if they did, they were often outdated. Or even worse: they'd try to scam you. A bot could advertize with 'Buying Ponder for 1.00' but during the trade it would only offer you 10 cents. Even if you decided to sell the card for the lower price, you would come back later only to find that your stored credits had somehow disappeared. With no way to contact the bot owner!

Ask any Magic Online veteran out there and they will tell you exactly the same: trading back then was a skill in itself, took a lot of patience, and could mean the difference between making a profit at drafting or losing serious money in the long run. We didn't want to spend 30 minutes after every draft to find the best buyer for our cards. All we wanted was a bot that gave us fair prices. A place to buy and sell cards in good faith. Without having to double check every single price to make sure we were not getting ripped off. Was that too much to ask?

When we accidentally sold our freshly drafted M12 Foil Garruk, Primal Hunter for 2 tickets to a reputable bot, whilst the actual value was over 25 tickets, we decided enough is enough. It was time for a reliable bot built by players that protects them against shady practices. It was time for GoatBots. A bot with an unconventional name, a little... different, made by nerdy programmers that are true Magic fans. After months of programming (instead of drafting!) our first alpha version was a fact. More and more players started using GoatBots exclusively and the herd has been growing ever since. Our buy and sell prices have been public from day one. Do you think a sell price is too low? Buy from us! A buy price too high? Sell to us! Prices based on supply and demand, that's how a true Trading Post should function. No more shady business. No more BAAAAAD deals!