Our Bots

You can find our bots in Magic Online by searching for @GoatBots in the Trade menu. The first sell bot in the list (GoatBots) has the most cards in stock, followed by GoatBots0, GoatBots1, GoatBots2, and so on. The bot statuses below are updated in real-time.


  • GoatBots
  • GoatBots0
  • GoatBots1
  • GoatBots2
  • GoatBots3
  • GoatBots4
  • GoatBots5
  • GoatBots6
  • GoatBots7
  • GoatBots8
  • GoatBots9
  • GoatBotsA
  • GoatBotsB
  • GoatBotsC
  • GoatBotsD


  • GoatBotsE
  • GoatBotsF
  • GoatBotsG
  • GoatBotsH
  • GoatBotsI
  • GoatBotsJ
  • GoatBotsK
  • GoatBotsL
  • GoatBotsM
  • GoatBotsTickets


  • GoatBotsFoils
  • GoatBotsFoils2
  • GoatBotsFoils3


  • GoatBotsFullSets
  • GoatBotsFullSets2


  • GoatBotsBoosters
  • GoatBotsBoosters2
  • GoatBotsBoosters3


  • GoatBotsBulk
  • GoatBotsBulk2
  • GoatBotsBulk3


  • GoatBotsShredder
  • GoatBotsShredder2
  • GoatBotsShredder3


  • GoatBotsDelivery
  • GoatBotsDelivery2
  • GoatBotsDelivery3
  • GoatBotsDelivery4
  • GoatBotsDelivery5
  • GoatBotsDelivery6
  • GoatBotsDelivery7
  • GoatBotsDelivery8

Sell and Buy Bots

All our bots (except for the fullset bots) have tickets to buy your cards and they all use the same prices. Most players find it convenient to sell cards to our buy bots since they are less busy, and they don't have a large collection, so the trade window loads faster.

After you open a trade, our bots will automatically check your trade binder and take all cards that we are buying. Then the bot will list the card names with our current buy prices in the chat. For example 1: Black Lotus (25.00)  2: Mox Sapphire (5.00)   3: Time Walk (2.50). If you don't want to sell a certain card, you can command the bot to return the card by typing the corresponding card number in the chat. In our example you would type '3' to command the bot to return the Time Walk. You can also type '0' (a zero) to command the bot to return all cards.

Please note that our bots can only take cards that are in your selected trade binder. Use this to your advantage if you want to sell only a few cards, or if you don't want to sell any cards at all. Simply make a new trade binder in the bottom left of the Collection menu, add any cards to the binder that you want to sell (or leave it empty), and then select that binder when opening a trade. Don't forget to add some tickets to the binder if you're looking to buy cards.

Foil Bots

The majority of our foil cards are only available at GoatBotsFoils, GoatBotsFoils2, and GoatBotsFoils3. Some cheap foils with very high supply can also be found at our regular sell bots. Please note that if you're looking to sell foils you don't have to sell them specifically to our foil bots: all our bots will buy your foil cards.

FullSet Bots

A unique feature of Magic Online is the redemption program, which allows you to exchange a full set of digital cards for physical cards. GoatBotsFullSets and GoatBotsFullSets2 sell these redeemable sets. For more information check the redeemable sets page.

Booster Bots

Most of our bots have boosters from the most recent sets. GoatBotsBoosters, GoatBotsBoosters2, and GoatBotsBoosters3 have larger quantities of these boosters so they are always fully stocked. The booster bots also have older boosters which you can use for flashback drafts or open them when you're feeling lucky. Please note that boosters are located in the Other Products tab in Magic Online.

Bulk Bots

GoatBotsBulk, GoatBotsBulk2, and GoatBotsBulk3 sell only the cheapest cards, making them perfect for newer players.

The prices for regular bulk are 0.006 tickets (rares), 0.003 tickets (uncommons), 0.002 tickets (commons) and 0.006 tickets (avatars). So for one ticket you can buy 500 commons, 333 uncommons, 166 rares, or any combination. For foil bulk the prices are 0.01 tickets (foil rares), 0.005 tickets (foil uncommons) and 0.004 tickets (foil commons).

Shredder Bots

You can choose to shred cards if you want to clean up your Magic Online collection and get rid of draft chaff. Shredding makes your collection more manageable. So if you want to get rid of your draft chaff, feed it to the goats!

GoatBotsShredder and GoatBotsShredder2 only take bulk commons and uncommons worth less than 0.003 tickets (no rares, foils or avatars). GoatBotsShredder3 takes all bulk cards worth less than 0.006 tickets (including rares, foils and avatars).

Our shredder bots are built for speed, therefore they don't have the open/busy status that our other bots have. After shredding you can immediately open a new trade with the same bot. They also can't return cards during the trade, so if you don't want to shred all bulk, we recommend creating a trade binder containing only the cards you wish to shred.

You can use these bots in good faith since they will only take bulk cards that they can identify. If you shred a card by accident, you can always buy the card back from our selling bots for less than a penny.


If you are looking to buy a lot of cards or a deck, it can be time consuming to add them to the trade one by one. Especially when you're looking for the cheapest versions of each card. This is where our delivery system comes in. You can fill the cart on our website at your convenience, and when you're satisfied with the chosen cards, have them delivered to you. One of our delivery bots will then collect all cards for you, which usually takes about two minutes, and will then invite you to trade.

You can search for cards on our website and add them to the cart, or you can use our upload deck tool to add an entire deck at once. Using this tool has several benefits: it can help you select the cheapest versions of every card, and it allows you to upload your collection so you don't accidentally buy cards you already own.

Once a delivery bot invites you to trade, simply accept the trade request and add all the cards to the trade. The bot will quote the prices in the chat and will take your tickets in return, just like a regular trade. Since our prices are constantly updated in real-time, it is possible that they have slightly changed in the meantime. This is shown in the Change column on the Delivery page. If you find that a price has gone up too much, you can simply return the card. You don't have to take all the cards from the delivery bot, it will only charge you for cards that you actually add to the trade.

If you don't see all the cards that you ordered during the trade, click Reset all filters in the top left of the trade window. If our bot is unable to invite you to trade, please open Buddies, Clan and Chat in the Settings menu and make sure that the Availability checkboxes are unchecked so that you can receive a trade request from the delivery bot.