Trade Guide

Trading in Magic Online (MTGO) can be a little confusing at first. In this guide we will first explain the basics of trading, and then we will guide you through your first trade with one of our bots.


A unique feature of Magic Online is that you can trade your cards with other players. Because trading with other players can be time consuming, most players prefer to trade with bots that have large collections and transparent prices. Bots are Magic Online accounts that are being controlled by software. Our bots use image recognition. This means they use Magic Online the same way as a human trader. The benefit of using software is that our accounts can be online 24/7, even when we are eating dinner or are asleep. Our bots have been trading uninterrupted for 12 years and counting!

Tickets and Credits

To buy cards from our bots you need Event Tickets or simply tickets. This is the primary currency used in Magic Online. You can buy tickets in the Magic Online Store for $1 each or you can buy tickets from us. Tickets can be found in the Other Products tab in your collection. All card prices on our website are listed in tickets. For example, a price of 2.00 means that the card costs two tickets. While a price of 0.50 means that the card costs half a ticket. Since it's not possible to cut a ticket into multiple pieces, bot credit exists. If you take cards with a total value of less than a rounded ticket, our bot will take a ticket in return and store the remainder as credits. For example, when you take cards with a total value of 3.50 tickets, the bot will take 4 tickets and store 0.50 credits for future use. The next time you trade with one of our bots, the bot will first use up your stored credits before taking new tickets. You can always check your current credits on the trade history page.

Trade Binders

Before you start trading, you should understand the use of trade binders. Trade binders are used to limit the amount of cards the other party can access during a trade. This is very useful if you only want to sell certain cards and not accidentally sell cards that are used in your decks. Binders are found in the bottom left of the Collection menu in Magic Online. The default binder is called Full Trade List, which contains all tradable cards in your collection. This binder is very useful for drafters, because they generally want to sell all their drafted cards and take boosters in return. Constructed players often make a custom binder, containing only the cards that are not needed in their decks. It is common practice to always have a binder that only contains Event Tickets, which can be used when you quickly want to buy cards and not sell any. When starting a trade, you will be asked which binder you would like to use during that trade. If you have no custom binders, the Full Trade List binder will be used by default.

Your First Trade

To find our bots in Magic Online, open the Trade menu and search for @GoatBots. This will show you a list of our bots. You will probably notice that some bots are Open and some are Busy. Busy means that the bot is currently unavailable because it is trading with another player. For your first trade, we recommend using our bulk bots since they are stuffed with cheap cards: GoatBotsBulk, GoatBotsBulk2 or GoatBotsBulk3. Open a trade with a bulk bot by right clicking on the name and choosing Trade. If you have any custom binders, you will be asked which binder you would like to use during this trade. If you have no custom binders, the Full Trade List binder will be used by default.
Now the trade window opens, showing all the cards the bot has in its collection. Note that the bot greets you in the chat. You should always carefully read the chat when trading with a bot, as it will provide you with valuable information at every stage of the trade. Now take any card by double clicking it, and it will be added to the trade, as shown in the lower part of the trade window.
If the bot is taking cards in return that you do not want to sell, you can type '0' (a zero) in the chat to command the bot to return all cards it took, and it will only take Event Tickets in return. When you are satisfied with your pick(s), click the Submit button. When the bot has submitted the trade as well, an overview of the cards that are about to be exchanged is shown. Always double check the trade before finalizing it. Click Confirm Trade to complete the trade. Congratulations, you have just completed your first trade!

Buying Cards

If you are new to the game, we recommend buying cards from our bulk bots: GoatBotsBulk, GoatBotsBulk2, and GoatBotsBulk3. They have hundreds of thousands of cheap cards, that will help you build your first decks without having to spend more than a ticket. Commons cost only 0.002 (two thousandths of a ticket), uncommons 0.003 and rares 0.006. So for just one ticket you can buy 500 commons, 333 uncommons, 166 rares, or any combination! As we explained earlier, any unspent credits will be stored, so you don't have to purchase them all at once. For example, if you trade one ticket (worth 1.00) for one common (worth 0.002), the bot will store 0.998 credits for you. You can then come back at any time to buy more cards using these credits.

Selling Cards

To make trading as efficient as possible, our bots will always check your collection at the start of the trade. If our bot finds any cards that we are currently buying, it will add these cards to the trade, quote our buy prices in the chat, and tell you how many tickets you can take in return. You can find tickets in the Other Products tab. After you have added the correct amount of tickets to the trade, the bot will tell you that you can submit the trade. Please note that if you do not want to sell any cards, you can command the bot to return your cards by typing '0' (a zero) in the chat. You can prevent bots from taking cards by using a custom binder that only contains Event Tickets.

Checking Prices

Although you can open a trade with a bot to check prices, a much quicker way is to use the card search field at the top of this page. After finding the card that you are looking for, you will be presented with a price list with all available versions of that card. You can hover the stock icon in the price list to see which bots have that card in stock.
A lot of cards in Magic Online have different versions with very different prices. For example, at the time of writing this guide, a Vintage Masters Mox Sapphire costs roughly 4 tickets whilst the much scarcer Foil Alpha version costs over 400 tickets. So before buying a card, we recommend to always check the available versions and their corresponding prices.

Selling Your Collection

If you ever want to quit playing Magic Online it's time to sell your collection. We recommend to upload your collection in our collection tracker and then click the sell collection link. This will show you the current value of your collection and how to sell it in the most profitable way.

Redeeming Sets

A unique feature of Magic Online is the redemption program, which allows you to exchange a full set of digital cards for physical cards. More information about redeeming sets, the costs and how to purchase these sets is found on the redeemable sets page.


Once you have completed your first few trades, we recommend that you get familiar with the different types of bots. Should you still have questions, feel free to contact us by email or via Twitter @GoatBots. You can also check out the official Magic Online Twitter account @MagicOnline or ask your questions on the unofficial Magic Online subreddit.