Redeemable Sets

Selling Sets

If you won a set in a Magic Online event or got one from a treasure chest, congratulations! You'll have to open the sealed set to sell the cards to our bots. The amount of tickets that you will get for the set is listed in the buy column above. You also have to open the set if you want to redeem it.

Set Redemption

A unique feature of Magic Online is the set redemption process. Redemption allows you to exchange a complete set of digital cards for physical cards. Sets are available for redemption while supplies last. You can buy redeemable sets from us using Event Tickets or credits. The approximate USD price you pay using credits is shown in the list above. Since prices may fluctuate between the credit purchase and actually buying the set from our bots, we recommend to always purchase some extra credits.

Buying Sets

Buying redeemable sets at our fullset bots is often cheaper than buying the separate cards because you will get the bulk cards for free. Full sets are built throughout the day, so if they are currently out of stock check again in a few hours. To quickly buy a redeemable set, open a trade with GoatBotsFullSets or GoatBotsFullSets2 and follow the steps below:

Redemption Requests

When you have redeemable sets on your account you will have to purchase the matching Redemption Requests in the Magic Online store. The cost of a Redemption Request is $35 per set. For every purchased Redemption Request a matching set will be removed from your account the next Tuesday morning around 2 am Pacific Time. The physical cards will then be shipped to you within the next 10 days.

Shipping Costs

There is a shipping fee of $10 within the United States or $35 internationally per set. If you are located outside of the United States, keep in mind that the sets are declared at a value of $85 for customs over which you may have to pay VAT.

Visit the Magic Online redemption page for more information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.