Crimson Fleet Commodore Price History

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Crimson Fleet Commodore Oracle Text

Mana Cost 3R
Converted Mana 4
Card Types Creature—Ogre Pirate
Card Text Trample
When Crimson Fleet Commodore enters the battlefield, you become the monarch.
Power / Toughness 5/2
Legal Formats Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, Commander, Commander1v1
MTGO Redemption Not redeemable
Treasure Chest No
Block Commander
Rarity Common
Card Number #171
Artist Sidharth Chaturvedi
Flavor Text
"Kindly steer your fleet clear of the waters west of Scrub Isle. It would be a shame to incinerate such exquisite maritime craftsmanship."
—Commodore Axurik, to Admiral Yelise