Excavated Wall Price History

Strixhaven: School of Mages


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Excavated Wall Oracle Text

Mana Cost 1
Converted Mana 1
Card Types Artifact Creature—Wall
Card Text Defender
{1}, {T}: Mill a card. (Put the top card of your library into your graveyard.)
Power / Toughness 0/4
Legal Formats Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, Commander, Commander1v1, Brawl
MTGO Redemption Until September 23, 2021 (4 months left)
Treasure Chest No
Block Strixhaven Block
Rarity Common
Card Number #255
Artist Zezhou Chen
Flavor Text
"Don't be fooled by the quiet. These old stones are trying to talk to you."
—Augusta, Lorehold dean