Hellkite Punisher Price History

Core Set 2021


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Hellkite Punisher Oracle Text

Mana Cost 5RR
Converted Mana 7
Card Types Creature—Dragon
Card Text Flying
{R}: Hellkite Punisher gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Power / Toughness 6/6
Legal Formats Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Commander, Commander1v1, Brawl
MTGO Redemption Until November 11, 2020 (4 months left)
Block Throne of Eldraine Block
Rarity Uncommon
Card Number #151
Artist Andrey Kuzinskiy
Flavor Text
"We'll pay no more tribute to that tyrannical lizard. A new age starts today!"
—Mayor Kadrim, now deceased