Phyrexian Triniform Price History



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Phyrexian Triniform Oracle Text

Mana Cost 9
Converted Mana 9
Card Types Artifact Creature—Golem
Card Text When Phyrexian Triniform dies, create three 3/3 colorless Golem artifact creature tokens.
Encore {c} ({c}, Exile this card from your graveyard: For each opponent, create a token copy that attacks that opponent this turn if able. They gain haste. Sacrifice them at the beginning of the next end step. Activate only as a sorcery.)
Power / Toughness 9/9
Legal Formats Legacy, Vintage, Commander, Commander1v1
MTGO Redemption Not redeemable
Treasure Chest Chance 1 in 3,8k, adds 0.0005 EV
Block Promotional
Rarity Mythic
Card Number #0
Artist Adam Paquette