Valakut Awakening Price History

Zendikar Rising


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Valakut Awakening Oracle Text

Mana Cost 2R
Converted Mana 3
Card Types Instant
Card Text Put any number of cards from your hand on the bottom of your library, then draw that many cards plus one.
Legal Formats Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Commander, Commander1v1, Brawl
MTGO Redemption Until February 3, 2021 (4 months left)
Treasure Chest Chance 1 in 3,8k, adds 0.0005 EV
Block Zendikar Rising Block
Rarity Rare
Card Number #174
Artist Campbell White
Flavor Text
"My ancestors reshaped the world to their vision. I have a few ideas of my own."
—Tars Olan, stoneforge mystic